Change of rein

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There are many ways in which we can change rein while we are training our horses. It is important to change rein regularly to train and develop your horse on both sides. I often see people riding more on one hand because that is 'the easier side' so both horse and rider skip the difficult part which makes it really hard to progress. Or I see riders more practicing on 'the difficult side' because the horse has to become more supple and stronger on that side. But if the horse have difficulties on that side, and you are going to ask for more difficult work, your horse will not like to work on that hand and it can become even worse. So my point is, we have to change rein regularly and I think one of the most common ones s the change of rein on the diagonal.


Here are my three tips to do a perfect change of rein across the diagonal:

  • Use the corner before the diagonal to prepare. Bend your horse around your inside leg towards your outside rein, look to the target letter and take your horse from the track with your outside rein and outside leg.
  • While on the diagonal, make sure you make a straight line until the end of the diagonal.
  • End your diagonal at the letter and ride into the corner with your new inside leg towards your outside rein.

Common problems and possible solutions:
1. The horse doesn’t want to come off the track ➡️ You are probably using to much inside rein. Use more outside rein to keep your horse from drifting his shoulders and place your own shoulders also into the direction you are going.
2. It is hard to make a straight line on the diagonal ➡️ Ride a bit forwards and keep your horse between both legs and hands. Place your hands close to each other to limit the shoulders of your horse.
3. It is too hard to ride through the corner after the diagonal ➡️ Before the end of the diagonal you can prepare your horse for the new bend. With your new inside leg you can ask flexion and you can take a bit more contact with your new outside rein.

In for a challenge?

You can make it more difficult by riding some transitions on the diagonal. Make sure to keep your horse straight and balanced.


Enjoy your training! 🍀

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