The best way to impress the judges

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When we go on competitions we want to show the judges how good we work together with our horse, how we perform as a team and how our horses do their best with the minimum aids we give them.


How do you impress the judges?


Ride the perfect centerline!

You only have one chance to make the first impression!


Here are my three tips to impress the judges:

  • Preparation: You need to know where you have to turn to enter perfectly on the centerline. The only way you will know where this is, is by practicing and repeating. So make sure you practice entering the centerline in your trainings at home. You can practice in walk, trot and canter.
  • Straightness: When you are on the centerline, make sure to stick with that straight line. It shows the judges that your horse is straight and that your horse is on your aids.
  • The end: make sure you keep your line straight when you prepare your turn to the left or right.

Common problems and possible solutions:
1. You enter next to the centerline, the judge is on the A-C line so she/he immediately sees if you are not ON the centerline ➡️Before you enter the centerline, look towards the C, that’s where you are going to. When you turn, use your outside hand to take the shoulders from the track and your inside leg to bend your horse around it. With these two aids you can steer towards to centerline.
2. Your line is not straight ➡️ Keep your horse between both your hands and your legs, you can ride a little bit forward to make it easier for the horse to find his balance. A lot of practice makes it easier.
3. The end of the line is messy➡️Keep you horse between your hand and legs while you look into the direction you have to go. You can take a bit more contact on your new outside rein and then let hour horse bend around your new inside leg to turn left or right.

Golden tip:
Sit up straight
Hands to each other
Try to keep your legs still and
Don’t forget to 𝐒𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐞😁


Enjoy your training! 🍀

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